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Celebrate Alsisitem become strategic partners with us

On September 12, 2016, the company officially launched the Italian Alsistem doors and Windows system.We add new strategic partner - ALsistem.At nine o 'clock in the morning, accompanied by the company leadership, ALsistem visit the leadership of the guidance, and Italian technician to us personally for our employees a 10-day training...


We and the customer

At the scene of the training

At the scene of the training

ALsistem company headquartered in Italy, focusing on the doors and Windows and aluminum wooden compound system, its design in order to close to the natural in the world famous.

Product all wooden frame used for polishing wood material, polyurethane (pu) varnish surface.Standard for ash and oak wood, also can choose other wood according to demand.Wood the aesthetic feeling of warm, durable, gives customers unprecedented comfort.

For the pursuit of traditional wood design, and with modern technology and aluminium alloy are easy to maintain the characteristics of the combination of customers, aluminum wood composite system is the ideal choice.Although wood is a kind of traditional material, but based on the abundant design and choose appearance, we can control the traditional and modern two kinds of style at the same time.


Materials show


Materials show    

Why is replaced the old doors and Windows for aluminum wood composite system?

1. Improve the energy efficiency of homes, from energy saving point of view

2. Reduce the compound from the noise of the city;

3. Keep indoor wood effect at the same time, the traditional reduce the maintenance requirements of the whole window, outdoor aluminum frame basic don't need maintenance, cleaning 2-3 times per year.


Materials show

In order to ensure the quality and performance, each product will be in the professional lab for testing.Every system is a technology research and development as well as the environmental test results, and after repeated experiments, enhance thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.

Either type, shape, design, or demand, each window has its own characteristic and applicable environment, ALsistem create rich product system, can satisfy the requirements of any building.

We firmly believe that we will bring to users high-quality products and perfect user experience.

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