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Why do you want to install office window shade

Nowadays as people life taste gradually improve, people at the time of installation roll-ups not just put it in front of a tool to use, everyone in the office before window shutter is can literally make a stretch of the curtain is ok, but now is not the case, we pursue is not only a shading effect, and other environmental protection and energy saving effects and beautiful effect, and so on.We have many clients come to see us point2 format before thinking of is to buy a simple shutter use, but when you see our aluminium alloy window shutter, decided to choose us, here we introduce you to the office why roll-ups.

1Can adjust the light

Offices and meeting rooms often play video and PPT can't see, because light causes problems such as lunch break to sleep.We can give you want to light.It put freely, can stop at any position, can adjust the light.

2Can reduce the noise

Many offices in the bustling commercial district, even the side of the road traffic, the noise affect work efficiency has been the culprit.We can perfectly solve the problem of noise.When the shutter closes off completely, 15-20 decibel noise reduction.Even in the city, put down the book, at noon, employees can also enjoy a good sleep for a while, the day also understand the static and the black of night!

3Energy conservation and environmental protection

Many offices are in hot summer and cold winter of air conditioning, waste of electricity from morning till night.We bring you energy conservation and environmental protection.When the shutter closes off completely, especially in the summer and winter, which can effectively save electricity above 40%.
4Easy to clean health

Office of the curtain cloth art always breeds mite bug, shelter evil people and practices.We bring you healthy and comfortable.Shutter if there is dirt or stains, use cloth wipe clean.

5Anti-theft security

The company's financial room, technology department, archive, warehouses and other places need a peace of mind of bodyguards.We'll give you a 24 hours security protection.Ultra high hardness and size of the slice self-locking patent technology makes thieves also helpless.The ministry of public security to our anti-theft security level certificates issued by the shutter, let you to important property and the safety of the archives office, comfortable carefree!

6Ascending air purification

Let our intelligent roller, close the doors and Windows, to the office with air purifier to purify or office themselves installed fresh air system, after PM2.5 detector to detect, can discover, indoor air purification effect is improved, PM2.5 reduce the value of more than 40%.The test results fully show the excellent sealing of graves intelligent shade, she with doors and Windows effectively prevented the outdoor air polluted haze constantly leaking into indoor, thereby significantly reducing the burden of the indoor air purification equipment, to ensure that the more good air purifying effect!For the employee, the office is their second home, here, should be safe and comfortable, take good care!For customers and partners, is the company's front office, here, should be more fashionable atmosphere, refreshing and pleasant!Our intelligent roller, give employees a love, to the enterprise an image!Hope we can the above introduction for those who wander in choosing a friend what shade of some help, we hope everyone can buy the appropriate shutter window products, not over time found wrong, returning back to pack again, it is time-consuming, and expensive.You if the above explanation is not clear to us, can call to our customer service staff, also can come to our country each big stores, and then find out which kind of shutter window for you.

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