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Fire, window escape way, what should I do?


At around 4 July 16, 2017, jiangsu changshu YuShan Town caojing area 2 big fire broke out in 74, due to the window shut emergency exits, fire fighters could not rescue in time, causing a killed and three wounded.The investigation of the public security bureau, it was arson, suspects have been arrested. 

Believe a lot of peopleThe window won't feel strangeThis can be said to be millions of residential buildingThe most common scenarios.In the old residential district, who do not include a window?Firmly window, although you can block a thief, but when the fire broke out, does the blocked his way to escape!Can't to guard against theft, and forget the fire?

Widely used for a long time, the traditional window, seemingly safe, there are many disadvantages, but in the event of a fire, the smoke is larger, the window becomes an escape, sometimes rescue need to evacuate through the Windows, iron window, endothermic rapidly expanding it difficult to open, after the rescue, would be delayed precious rescue time, like that of many examples, except sad in these accidents, we should think more, family security must be cage type window?Is there a window, can guard against theft, safe and comfortable, when the danger and can escape immediately?

"Of course" our intelligent roller, a across the product of The Times, not only is its unique appearance design, and its powerful functions, let it already enjoys a good reputation in Europe for forty years.Been to Europe's friends know, take a walk in the streets of Europe, have a look, containing aluminum anti-theft window sunshade shade everywhere!Compared to a cage type window, the window shade is much more beautiful, if you think this kind of shutter window, just beautiful sex is good, you are wrong.Our smart window shutter is a new type of escape, is unique in its external security guard against theft, internally to provide a safe escape.When fire our intelligent anti-theft shutter, compared to traditional cage type window, there are multiple security safe escape function:

The first securityCan be equipped with smoke sensor, indoor smoke, when a fire shutter window will automatically launch signal to intelligence, the intelligence of our window will automatically rise, people open the escape to the interior.

The second securityCan be equipped with backup power, once the fire is serious, the power consumed in the home, shutter window could not be opened without electricity, our smart shutter window will be automatically enabled standby power supply, ensure the shutter Windows can use the remote control or switch panel, open the emergency exits.

The third securityOur intelligent shutter can be equipped with manual and automatic integration of the motor, in case of fire power failure, shutter can use rocker automatically open the window, open the escape.

The fourth securityShutter can also choose our intelligence in some easy to escape the window, such as the bathroom window, select manual control of the area is lesser roll-ups, in an emergency, can be manually open, quickly open the emergency exits. 

Even more amazing is that the intelligence of our shutter can not only satisfy the security, anti-mosquito, dustproof, prevent mist haze, shading, heat insulation, noise reduction and thermal insulation of the demand that occupy the home, more intelligent anti-theft system, configuration of intelligent photoelectric sensor and alarm, when the thieves laid hands on him, shutter buzzer alarm immediately, and configure the network camera no matter you are at home or go out, can be real-time monitoring on indoor conditions.

Imagine if at the time, people is not installed closed the window, but is filled with our anti-theft window shutter, it would be so lucky, fire rescue personnel, attendance, also can rapid rescue, so also won't cause the happening of the tragedy.If your home is equipped with the old fixed window,Please do not hesitate to dismantleReplacement for our smart security shutterSo when there is a fireCan give family to create a life more channels!Don't let the road to escape a window between with you!

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