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The characteristics of our company window sunshade shade

The characteristics of our company window sunshade shade


Outside window sunshade shade from abroad since the introduction of the concept of it has been a long time, the current domestic production this sunshade shutter window company also has a lot of, but most companies are not normal production procedures, to produce the effect of external sunshade shutter Windows can not meet the customer's requirements, and we have this kind of normal manufacturer production shutter window product quality and beautiful degree is no way to compare, here we focus on our shutter window company produces what are the characteristics of external sunshade shutter window, let everybody have a clear understanding, we can find that high-end outer sunshade shutter window performance compared with the lower part of the sunshade shutter window what is the difference

Outside shading is to use some physical way block the sun radiate to heat up and the sun's rays through the building envelope into the interior.Heat transfer mode are: heat conduction, convection and radiation.As a result of the solar radiation energy transfer mainly for thermal radiation, so our focus to study the effect of thermal radiation on the indoor environment.Solar radiation, in the form of light, divided into three major bands: infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, including ultraviolet light heat accounted for 3% of the entire heat accounts for 44% of visible light, infrared light accounted for 53%.Building energy consumption is more than 50% energy consumption of air conditioning, half of the air conditioning energy consumption because of loss of doors and Windows, so the building outside the window shade significance is bigger.

Outside sunshade shutter window as a new energy-saving building materials, has been quite popular in Europe, almost every family installed shutter window, in Europe, the market capacity of sixteen million sets of each year;Each year in Germany, the market capacity is five million sets;In China, as the country's emphasis on building energy efficiency, low energy consumption of building, high comfort level is the development trend of construction industry in our country.Multifunctional external sunshade shutter window will become the main force in the field of environmental protection and energy saving building materials in our country, will certainly become medium and high-grade villas, apartments, residential, office space, and have a demand on architectural design, have a demand on building energy efficiency, external shading requirements of party a unit, designers, high-grade residential user's first choice.

Through the introduction of the above should be known our company produces the shutter window have different characteristics, if you want to go further in our products, you can come to our company to check, can also go to our store to see, in every region of the how to compare, to know how good the quality of our products, we welcome the broad masses of customers to our store experience, feel right before considering whether to buy, we can provide point2 format design customized installation and other one-stop service, welcome to inquire to discuss cooperation.

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