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As the leading brand in the shading industry, it has always kept up with the latest architectural concepts and trends. “Concealed architecture” is one of them, which fully reflects people’s thirst for minimalism. Then, the Slidefix horizontal sliding facade external sunshade electric roller blind system was developed based on such a concept. This horizontally slidable sunshade system provides an ideal solution for large windows, sliding windows and corner designs.

• Controlled by the side motor, it can be opened and closed according to specific needs, providing users with a great experience.

• The system operates horizontally, making the use of the house and the degree of shading more flexible.

• The rigorous and exquisite design makes maintenance easy and efficient, the drainage system is smooth and efficient, and the integration with the building wall is perfect.

• Can be used with other series of roller blind systems.

• The case, top and bottom tracks are hidden.

- The case can be installed in the sandwich wall, and the reel and motor are integrated for quick loading and unloading.

- The top rail can also be integrated into the sandwich wall.

- The bottom track can be integrated into the floor surface or recess.

- The top and bottom tracks at the box are perfectly hidden.

• The bottom rail can be quickly loaded and unloaded for easy cleaning and maintenance (dust removal, leaf removal, etc.)

• Aluminum profiles can be anodized or sprayed in any RAL Raul color.

• Fabric selection: polyester fabrics in various colors

• Control System: The electric control system is coupled to the Connect&Go® circuit connection system.


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