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Fire partition wall system


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The true meaning of the system fire protection concept: frame, fire glass, hardware, rubber strips, sealing materials, etc. constitutes a complete system concept, after strict EN/CE certification, each component has been rigorously tested.

Product serialization: providing comprehensive solutions: fire doors, fixed fire windows, fire partitions, fire curtain walls, fire roofs/lighting roof structures, etc.

Complete fire protection system and solution for different building fire protection requirements. Provide different fire protection systems such as fire integrity, fire and heat insulation

Standardized product systems, different fire engineering companies can complete the real fire protection system according to the drawings and processing guidelines.

Practical application size test: 3m * 3m composite frame full size test

Practical application test: the test plan is completely consistent with the actual construction plan

Practical application material testing: The test materials are exactly the same as the actual application materials. The sample sample that the customer sees, the test sample and the product to be constructed in the future are exactly the same, there is no special sample for the test.

Stability: All tests are passed in one pass, and the results of on-site sampling are consistent with the actual conditions.

Tested separately in Europe and China, suitable for multiple standards

The only fire curtain wall system tested by CWCT

A true outdoor fire curtain wall system that improves reliable fire performance and water tightness, air tightness, and wind pressure resistance of outdoor curtain walls.


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