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Advanced Heat-breaking Janisol System


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The system consists of a 2-2.5mm thick cold-formed closed steel pipe as a support system (columns and beams), two inner and outer layers of refractory sealing strips (also as drainage seals) and connecting nails, glass supports and pressure plates. With single or single piece of hollow fireproof glass and composite fireproof glass, in addition to meeting different fire, smoke, fire and heat insulation properties of 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes, it can also be weatherproof, heat insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation. It is a curtain wall "system engineering" that can meet a variety of complex requirements.

The system is a mature, standardized and tested commercial product with a complete product range. The product samples, test samples and actual production products that the customer sees are exactly the same as the final construction products. There is no difference between the test system and the construction system.

The Jansen Fire Curtain Wall System is the world's leading commercial product for fire protection standards: profiles, refractory strips, press plates, connecting studs, etc., all undergoing rigorous European and Chinese fire tests. At the same time, a detailed processing and installation procedure manual is provided to ensure that any construction unit can follow the Jansen product design and standards and follow Jansen's installation guidelines to achieve the fire test indicators.


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