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Outdoor Curtain Wall System



VISS series steel frame insulation curtain wall system, the design is simple and scientific. A variety of special system accessories can meet all types of project and functional needs. Profiles are available in a variety of depths. A steel core can be added inside to meet the structural requirements. Ensure that the appearance is slim and beautiful.

The VISS series of insulated curtain walls can achieve different functions such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention, and maintain a uniform appearance. The system has a simple structure and few components, and the processor can quickly become familiar with the product. A variety of profile structures can be made into curtain walls of different sizes. It can be connected to the top and bottom structures by welding, which is convenient and safe.

The profile width is available in 50mm and 60mm sizes with a maximum depth of 150mm. Load-bearing frame structure for glass curtain walls. It can be installed by welding and mechanical connection. Thanks to the welding technology, even large partition walls and lighting roofs can be prefabricated in the workshop, with high precision and complex and irregular shapes. It can also be installed quickly and safely with special connections. Two installation methods can also be used in combination.

The VISS series of insulated curtain wall systems are in compliance with the CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) standard. CWCT is the European standard curtain wall quality standard, which is more stringent than the DIN/EN standard. And successfully passed the test of EN 13830 to meet the requirements of CE certification (European safety certification system).


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